Ben & Jerry's - PSU 503-477-7124 510 SW Mill St.
Portland,OR 97201
Turn Any Flavor into a Shake
Turn Any Flavor into a Shake

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Your scoop makes a difference!
Ben & Jerry's PSU not only scoops up euphoric ice cream and delicious treats, it is also a social enterprise!

We are a PartnerShop, which is a Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shop that is owned and operated by a community-based non-profit organization. The PSU PartnerShop is owned and operated by New Avenues for Youth as an employment training facility for houseless and at-risk youth. Every dollar you spend helps at-risk youth in our community in becoming self-sufficient, so your purchase helps make our community better, one scoop at a time! AND, we cater! We can turn any occasion into an ice cream party, just give us a call.